Addison in English Oak, Turquoise & Silver

$745.00 CAD

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Addison in English Oak, Turquoise & Silver

$745.00 CAD

A solid age-hardened sterling silver core is the base for this stunning ring. Wrapped all the way to the edges with English oak, and featuring an offset silver bordered inlay of vivid sleeping beauty turquoise. 

The vibrant blue stripe of crushed turquoise, ethically mined in the USA, is further enhanced by the bright white brilliance of our sterling silver. Set against the neutral brown of English Oak with it’s visible grain and earthy look, and expertly finished with our glass-like acrylic to seal it all in and keep it waterproof, this band is an extraordinary example of the beauty of wood rings, and it needs no gemstone to create a statement you or your loved one will love. 

Ring Width: 6mm


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    Wax rings will be shipped out within 3-4 business days and we will wait to confirm your size before beginning on your purchased ring

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*Wood Tones May Vary

Our current production time is 3 to 4 weeks from order to shipping. If you are in a rush please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your need-by date.

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Perfect Fit

While our rings can't be resized in the normal way, you have 60 days to have your ring remade to fit you perfectly for only 15% of the original cost.

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On top of our 2-Year Limited Warranty we offer care for the lifetime of your ring, including normal jewelry repairs, refinishing of the wood portions, and service care for gemstone settings.

Sizing Guidelines

Sizing Guidelines

Our rings fit true to US/Canadian Ring Sizing. Most of our rings are made in Comfort Fit Style unless otherwise noted. 

Measure At Home

Step 1

Print the Correct File and check the accuracy by lining up a credit card between the lines.

Make sure to set your printer to 100% (no scaling to fit page) for accurate results. If this does not work you can try larger (start at 105%) or smaller (start at 95%) as needed until your card just fits between the lines.

Step 2

Read the tips and directions on the sizing sheet for best results.

Step 3

Because there may be human error in this method we recommend using your newly found size to purchase a Ring Size Kit for accuracy and to avoid resizing costs on your ring.

Place your credit card between the lines once printed to check for accuracy. Your card should just fit between the lines. If it is larger, try scaling your print size up past 100%, if it's smaller, you can try printing at less than 100% scale until you get a perfect fit.

Helpful Definitions

Comfort Fit: Comfort fit wedding bands are crafted using extra metal to make the inside of the band slightly domed, resulting in a very comfortable fit. Comfort-fit bands are especially recommended for men, because they are easier to squeeze over a large knuckle when putting your ring on or taking it off, and it’s much more comfortable to wear once it’s on.

Standard Fit/Flat Fit: Standard fit (sometimes also referred to as Flat Fit) bands have a straight interior, and do not have the extra dome of metal provided by comfort fit wedding bands.